Putting the Customer First

We have always said to our customers, AGCO is your agriculture company. We put customers at the center of what we do—how we innovate, how we move our business forward and how we help them feed a growing world. Each of our brands has made customer service a priority, providing meaningful advice, responsive maintenance and active aftersales support.


AGCO Crop Tour

The annual AGCO Crop Tour is a unique initiative aimed at finding ways to improve crop yields using innovative new agricultural machinery solutions on test farms across the world. In 2018, its third year, the Crop Tour took place in North America, Africa and Europe, educating agronomists, dealers and farmers on the latest agriculture techniques and equipment options, with a focus on the importance of planting depth, downforce control and residue management. It also showed how an innovative new tool, the SmartFirmer® from Precision Planting, can better equip producers to make adjustments—in real time—about best planting depths as well as seeding rates and multi-hybrid seeding.

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of Service

We continue to invest in the digital transformation of our processes across our global enterprise, enabling our brands to deliver more efficient, accessible and attentive service at the local and regional levels. Today’s farm is connected, and today’s farmer expects nothing less.

AGCO has assembled a global cross-functional team that focuses on continuous improvement of the digital customer experience across all of our brands. In recent years, with the support of dealers, we have taken a new step in personalizing the relationship with our customers—getting to know the customer better to identify his or her needs and anticipate expectations. Leveraging digital, we are improving after-sales service across the board, to maximize the availability of machines, their productivity and therefore their contribution to a farmer’s profitability.

TRAIT: Diversity AND Inclusion

At AGCO, we believe diversity and inclusion is a business advantage, fostering awareness and sensitivity to the needs of our customers and dealers, and among our teams. Our TRAIT initiative, which stands for Team Spirit, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Transparency, represents AGCO’s core values. TRAIT emphasizes how we work together to foster an inclusive work environment and create valued, lasting and productive partnerships. AGCO is a naturally diverse and truly global organization. We inherently know that diversity promotes creativity, generates innovation and heightens our ability to deliver customer-centric service, driving greater business success across the organization.


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