Digitalization of the Farm

Today’s farm is more connected and intelligent than ever, with the help of AGCO advances such as Fuse Smart Farming and innovations from Precision Planting.

Fuse Smart Farming

Fuse is a leading global innovator of open smart-farming solutions that enable customers to maximize functionality, profitability and sustainability across the entire farm operation. Fuse acts as AGCO’s hub for innovation between the core brands, as an entry point for global technology partnering, and as the open platform that brings the innovation of the broader agricultural technology market together—all for AGCO customers’ benefit.

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Fuse Smart Farming

Swiss Future Farm Launches in Switzerland

AGCO’s Swiss Future Farm gives life to a common goal—making digital agriculture visible, tangible and accessible. The 81-hectare site in the Swiss canton of Thurgau tests machinery and smart-farming solutions from AGCO and partner companies, acting as an educational and consultative center of excellence for interactive digital agriculture that serves the farmers and agribusinesses of Europe, as well as around the globe. The Swiss Future Farm joins AGCO’s Zambia Future Farm and the Precision Technology Institute in aiding the development of new solutions and demonstrating existing systems with exciting growth potential. Founding partners include AGCO, the Swiss Agricultural Vocational Training Centre (BBZ Arenenberg) and GVS Agrar, a Swiss importer and manufacturer of agricultural solutions.

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Swiss Future Farm

Technology Spotlight: AGCO Connect

The foundation of Fuse smart farming is AGCO Connect, the machine-focused telemetry solution that connects a farm’s fleet, turning valuable agriculture and machine data into improved uptime and efficiency across the farm operation and throughout the crop cycle. AGCO has committed itself to fully connect all fleets, beginning in 2019, where customers can track and optimize individual machine and fleet performance. AGCO Connect provides not only the value of telemetry to the machine pool, but also creates the strong, broad foundation onto which other smart farming solutions can be built.

There have been many situations where AGCO Connect has helped me operate my business, but in my opinion, GPS location data is the most important. I have several fields in an area about 40 kilometers away, and when I send my employee out to a field, I cannot be sure where they are later that day. With the help of AGCO Connect, I can quickly check where they are and how they are progressing.”
—Anssi Mennala, Vanha Olkkola farm, Finland

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AGCO Connect


Connect-ready farm machines rolled out across Europe in 2018

Advancing Agronomy with SmartFirmer from Precision Planting

SmartFirmer puts eyes inside every furrow with a seed-firmer sensor that measures organic matter, moisture, residue and temperature. Farmers can now optimize hybrid selection, population, depth, fertility and row cleaners in real time—sensing their soil on the fly to ensure proper, consistent germination. Precision Planting specializes in the agronomic aspects of plant growth, developing precision-farming solutions that ultimately lead to better yields compared to conventional methods under the same conditions.

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bushels per acre can be saved by solving for problems when seeds are being planted

Digitalization of Manufacturing

The digital transformation of AGCO manufacturing continues worldwide. Lean enterprise philosophy drives core understanding of our business processes and value streams, allowing AGCO to identify and successfully integrate digital tools such as wearables, robotics, IoT, factory visualization and shop-floor integrated feedback loops with recordable and sustained results. AGCO plants around the world are implementing pilots and production-level use of cobots, hybrid laser weld robots, automated guided vehicles, 3D printing, augmented reality/virtual reality, machine sensors, exoskeletons, human sensor technology, and more.

Industry 4.0

Our global plants are rapidly becoming centers of excellence and showcases for Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology and processes. Global assembly lines have been modernized, with automated systems of welding, industrial painting equipment based on nanotechnology, and advanced measurement for quality control. People, processes, machines and products are able to make decisions based on real-time information.

Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing Gaining Ground

Using lean principles and augmented reality, AGCO has initiated a new era of how our machines are made. As new technology is introduced, we encourage our employees to problem solve in their areas, using their expertise and creativity to ensure potential gains in efficiency are captured. For example, the use of augmented reality technology has provided great value in assembly and quality processes where easy and quick access to hands-free instructions is needed. Now AGCO is piloting this technology in areas such as welding and paint preparation.

Smart Manufacturing

IDEAL Combine Gaining Traction

The IDEAL combine from AGCO, available under the Fendt and Massey Ferguson brands, signals a revolution in harvesting worldwide. IDEAL has exceeded expectations in terms of market interest. The first combine in years developed from scratch, IDEAL features special technology and an advanced sensor array, and its grain handling system delivers the largest grain tank volume and highest unloading rate in the market.

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Leading Brands, Innovative Products

Leading Brands, Innovative Products

RoGator C Series

The technology‑loaded, user‑friendly RoGator C Series row crop applicator delivers innovations needed to meet the complex application processes of today’s professional applicators and farmers.

MT700 Series

A game changer in track tractors, the Challenger MT700 Series delivers greater performance, improved ride comfort and on-board intelligence delivered through the AccuEngineering platform, the redesigned MobilTrac System and the convenient AccuTerminal.

e100 Vario

An electric compact tractor concept for inner-city use, the e100 Vario will offer municipalities a nimble, versatile and powerful machine with a small footprint and an even tinier carbon footprint.

313 Vario

Named “Tractor of the Year 2019” in the “Best Utility” category at the International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition (EIMA), the Fendt 313 Vario offers great value to farmers with its combination of versatility, agility and modern technology.

GSI Z-Series Bins with Flexwave Technology

This patent-pending system provides an automated process to move stored grain out of the bin efficiently and safely.

Dry/Cool Portable Quiet Dryer

The unique, patent-pending, superior engineered design allows for airflow to be optimized in both the upper and lower plenums, which provides ultimate flexibility to be operated in any mode—all heat, dry & cool, continuous flow, or batch.


The Momentum planter is AGCO’s newest platform solution and enables the highest level of planting quality through advanced technology.

Hay and Forage Range

As a result of our full-line continuous development, we proudly introduce a new range of MF round balers, baler/wrapper combinations and trailed wrappers.

Valtra T Series

The T Series is the culmination of Valtra’s over 60 years as a leading maker of tractors.

Valtra Connect

Valtra Connect’s machine-focused telemetry software turns valuable agricultural and machine data into improved uptime and efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the farmer’s machine.

Massey Ferguson