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Karen and Dale farm more than 2,000 acres, raising corn, soybeans and wheat. They have seven children, two at home. Dale manages the farming operation and Karen is the business manager, handling the recordkeeping and marketing. Karen has been involved with the business aspects of the farm since she was in high school, starting out doing payroll for her parents’ farming operation.

“Technology helps us manage our inputs. With the transmission and tractor management system in our Challenger tractor, we use less fuel per acre. The White Planter, Precision Planting tools and 20|20 monitor put the right amount of seed where it needs to be so we’re not wasting seed. Controlling cost per acre is important for profitability,” explains Karen.

The Dircksens are taking advantage of Precision Planting’s digital technology tools—like the 20|20 monitor and the SmartFirmer sensor—to make their farming operation more efficient.

“At planting, timing is everything,” Karen says. “The 20|20 monitor and Precision Planting technology on our White Planter are easy to use. They help us plant the right amount of seed, at the right spacing and best depth for even, consistent emergence. We’re excited to see the benefits of planting with SmartFirmer when soil moisture, soil temperature, organic matter and the cation exchange capacity (CEC) vary across a field.”

Dale adds, “The ease of use of the 20|20 and FieldView planting data is important in our business. Not only is the data right at our fingertips, but its portability makes it very convenient and easier to share with our chemical and fertilizer suppliers.”

In 2018, the Dircksens participated in the AGCO Crop Tour, planting a 33-acre plot with their Challenger track tractor and White Planter. Precision Planting supplied SmartFirmer and the seed for the trials. AGCO uses Crop Tour sites around the world to educate agronomists, dealers and farmers on the latest agricultural techniques and equipment options.

“It was an honor and a privilege being part of the Crop Tour,” Dale says. “And what I learned, I’ll utilize for years to come. Continually making changes in our business and tweaking our best practices will help us remain profitable in the coming years. The AGCO Crop Tour revealed many areas where small changes can make big differences.”

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