Perfecting sales and service

Felipe Giro knows he and his family can rely on Massey Ferguson. “Reliability, maintenance and after-sales service are key points to us,” he explains. His family has 400 hectares planted in sugar cane and rents another 1000 hectares where they cultivate soybeans. In addition, they raise a few hundred head of cattle.

Now 33 years old, Felipe runs the farm together with his family. He and his brother Flávio graduated as agricultural engineers. Brother André became a veterinarian specializing in livestock. “We have been farmers since my grandfather’s generation,” says Felipe. “Our father passed away while my brothers and I were still studying, so my mother ran the farm until we were ready.”

The family has fully embraced advanced technology to manage their operations, using AgCommand to track how all of their Massey Ferguson machinery is performing. As Felipe says: “We know where each machine is, how it’s operating, how much area it’s worked in the day. If a tractor leaves the predetermined boundaries, we are advised.” To Felipe and his family, it’s not just enhanced productivity, it’s peace of mind.